This website is partially under construction, so please forgive an errors or broken links you encounter… I originally launched this website, cottonrohrscheib.com, over 20 years ago as a platform to share photos w/ family and friends, but over time it’s evolved to include much more than photos! Currently, this website houses hundreds of archived blog posts that I’ve written through the years on a variety of topics including; businesstechnologyfaith & familyurban farming & agriculture. This website also contains an archived collection of podcast episodes from the cotton club that I produced w/ some friends long before most people knew what a podcast was. Despite being early adopters, we managed to build a loyal following of subscribers that would tune in each week as we discussed the early adoption of social media as well as interviewing many of the startups that were fueling it’s massive uptake. A few years ago I was honored to be a part of the team that launched the .buzz (TLD) domain and at that time I switched over to this domain, cotton.buzz.

This website played a big role in my life a few years back when my wife and I lost our daughter, Shelby. One day I shared a really transparent blog post about what we had experienced and in just a matter of days someone reached out to us about adoption. Eventually we were able to adopt our son. It was during this time that I walked away from my creative agency and sold my business portfolio in order to spend time w/ my family. A short time later I launched Rohrscheib Capital and began to pursue opportunities in healthcare & agriculture. During this downtime, I was asked to speak at the inaugural TEDx Markham Street in Little Rock. The topic of my talk was “Biting the Hand that Feeds Us” and it covered how unfairly farmers are positioned in their industry as well as what it’s going to take to feed the world in the future. Following my talk I was connected w/ a startup in the midwest that had a very unique mission and vision, Farmers Business Network. After a few meetings I ultimately joined the team as a field executive in 2016.

I keep a pretty busy schedule, the best way to keep up w/ my current projects is to subscribe to my email newsletter! I’m always interested in connecting w/ people that have shared interests or working on really cool projects, so please feel free to drop me a note or connect w/ me on FacebookTwitter, and LinkedIn.